Where Is The Root Of Our Religious Devotion ?

We are living in an age where there will be various kinds of discussions about religions. In the past, people strongly believed in the concept of religion, but in this era, that belief has been challenged. 

The main reason for that is science. Today, science is extremely advanced. Science has advanced enough to make religious practices just a bunch of nonsense. But there is a problem. 

No matter how scientific, secular or rational we are as human beings, it is difficult for us to deviate from religious concepts and beliefs. What is the reason for that? I have a source where I can study this better. 

That is the book Civilization and its Discontents written by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. In this book, Freud writes very clearly what creates the religious devotion of people. That is the helplessness of man. 

How Power Works According To Michel Foucault

The French philosopher Michel Foucault added a new dimension to the phenomenon known as power .His concept of power Innovation. 

Power changed the morphological format that had existed until then. We conceptualized power as an authoritarian mechanism that is overthrown by a higher authority. 

But according to Foucault, power is ubiquitous and is not something but a power relation is on these power relations that all subtle relationships in society operate.

Let us consider this example because of a written law. If it is a written law, then it belongs to the old fashioned way of exercising power .It is like the law of worship before the king. 

How To Show Only Post Title In The Blogger Homepage

Google's Blogger is the easiest platform for everyone to run a personal blog  . In Google Blogger, you have been provided with all the necessary facilities to run a blog. but it is not  powerful as the popular WordPress blogging platform. 

blogger has not been given much plugins or other site modification tools like WordPress. then we have to use some CSS and Java Script codes modifications in order to change the appearance of the blog .

now , many bloggers has accustomed to use minimalist themes to run a blog. in WordPress, unlimited minimalist themes are there to use. but blogger has not. if you wish to give a super minimalist look to your blog ,you can do it with a simple CSS code.  

09 Essential Websites You Need To Develop Your Business

 Due to the fast growth of internet-based technology, internet usage became a more common thing to everybody. Every people has smart phone .people know how to connect with the internet and do their works like watching movies searching for information and so and so. as a small business owner, most people do not direct their attention to using the internet for the growth of the business. in this short post, you will be known about 10 useful websites for the growth of your business.

Google Gmail

Gmail is the official Email service of Google .as an internet user you may do not know about this. Through Gmail, you can create your email account for your business.no matter what the type of your business having an email account for your small business is important. It is not only for documentation or administration of your business but for enjoying all other google services


You do not need to be introduced to what Facebook is. It is the largest social media site in the world, as everyone knows. This site is used by a large number of people from all over the world. Facebook has recently updated its website to enable businesses to maintain on Facebook pages. In another article, we will talk about how to use Facebook effectively for business promotion.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud database service provided by Google. This includes the 15 gigabytes of data we receive for free upon opening a Gmail account. If you want to use more than that, you have to pay for it. This service will be very important for those who are involved in businesses such as digital production and graphic designing.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that you can use to grow your business efficiently. As you know, most people in the world use the Google search engine. Google Trends is a service that provides data on what people are looking for on the Internet. For example, at the moment you can find data on what product or service most people in the state of Arizona in the United States are searching for on the Internet. That data will lead you to a new business opportunity. If you're a good business thinker, there are many new business opportunities available to you through Google Trends.

Google Trends

Google Meet

Google Meet is Google's official online video communication app. It is a service that you can get for free. It will be very useful in this epidemic season that we are paying for. Programs like Zoom have not yet developed this, but it's a great tool for remote video conversations with your business staff.


A decade ago, only people with specialized knowledge were able to create websites. Also, the cost of creating a website was enormous, but later various companies created unique platforms to create websites, of which Word press is at the forefront. It's good to have a business-specific website that attracts new customers as well as builds customer trust. You can easily get the knowledge you need online. The website can include all the details about your business so that you can easily attract customers.

How To Make A Wordpress Website


Evernote is a management services website. We are very busy doing business or work these days. Because of this, we have a lot of mistakes that we can make. You can be a successful entrepreneur based on the good management and organizational skills that come from within you. Evernote is a valuable web service that provides you with the motivation and methods to succeed in any endeavor of your life without missing a beat.


With the expansion of internet usage, we have gained immense knowledge. Remember, the Internet is a huge business entity. It contains a great deal of knowledge that you can turn into a business. During this time you can turn any knowledge into a business or use it for business development. Udemy.com is a website that provides knowledge for this. In it, you have a large range of things for self-study. For example, you can learn graphic design, SEO, sewing, art, photography, craft, etc. With each of these units, you can develop your skills and turn them into a business.


WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a platform developed for small businesses. It is an application with more features than a normal WhatsApp account. This is a service that META provides to you completely free of charge. In it, you can create a complete account of your business. Imagine you are a cake maker. Then you can create a complete account with pictures of your business and your cake samples. new orders, completed orders, forward orders, etc. can all be managed, you can build a more trusted relationship between you and your customers through WhatsApp business account and make customer service more efficient.

In the article above, we discussed 09 Internet applications that you can use to grow your business. This article was written to give you a basic understanding of them. You can find out more about how to successfully use these for small business development by doing more searches. In addition, I have provided a link at the bottom of each article to get a basic knowledge of how these work. If you understand this as an important article, share this article with your other friends who are interested in small businesses.

10 Essential Apps You Must Have In Your Smart Phone

Nowadays, everyone uses smartphones. in todays, the purpose of using a mobile phone is not just to make a call. the range of things that can do with smartphone is huge.

specially in the last decade, the technology of creating applications related to mobile phones has grown tremendously. as a result, we can now consider the mobile phone as a multifunctional device. It is no longer just a mobile phone, but a smart phone. 

mainly there are two operating systems running on smartphones in the world. one is Android operating system owned by Google and the other is IOS operating system owned by Apple. no matter what operating system your smartphone belongs to. You can now download any app you need to do anything you want online.

In this article we are going to talk about 10 must have apps in your smartphone. sometimes your smartphone may already have them. but only  few people know about the benefits they can get from those apps. In this article, we will discuss about these apps and the benefits that can be derived from them


This is the most popular cross platform massaging app available today.it released in 2009, this app is currently owned by Meta Corporation . this allows you to connect with contact on a smartphone and send messages to different people.it also available for make video and voice calls and maintain groups under various topics. currently, this app is widely used to conduct various groups at the office level.


Telegram is another massaging app similar to the WhatsApp application but Telegram has more advantages than using  WhatsApp. generally, the maximum number of users that can be connected in a WhatsApp group is 512. It can also be done up to 200000 in a telegram group. telegram includes the ability to send secret massages and  to use different bots. this app is considered more technically  advanced than WhatsApp.


on these days, the camera in smartphones is getting a lot of attention. even the quality of the camera affects the price of some smartphones. It is not because of anything else but because people are now motivated to get good quality photos and videos from mobile phones. 

In order to turn a photo taken by a mobile phone into a high quality photo, some editing should be done to it. Snapseed is one such photo editing application. this app owned by Google and its is completely free to use. Moreover, it is a complete app with all the tools needed to edit photos in a powerful way.

Home Workout

Home Workout is one of my favorite app. If you're a busy person, it can be difficult to find time to go to the gym. but what you miss is the attention to your physical health. this home workout  app is a very successful physical exercise guide. there are hundreds of exercises you can do at home with details and instructions on how to do them. 

here you can choose the right exercise set and engage in it for a certain period of time.  there are separate exercises also include for specific body parts. for example, exercises for the chest ,arms and exercises for the abdomen can be indicated. It shows us how to do those exercise with animated graphics.


This is a video editing app. generally, there is no video editing app included in the Android operating system. through this, you can easily edit any video recorded through the camera of your smartphone.

Google Task

This is a simple task management app by Google. this app helps you to carry out your daily life tasks without missing . All you have to do is enter this in your to-do list for the day. the app will remind you at the appointed time. 

this can even include work that you need to do in an upcoming day. this Google app is very simple and easy to use. "To Do List" is such another app by Microsoft which you can easily find through the App Store 


This is a very powerful task management app. nowadays, many people deal with digital data such as photos, videos, PDFs  and emails. the specialty here is to allow you to manage your tasks with this kind of data.


This is a way of sharing knowledge. You can enter any question you have about something here and then those who have experience in that field will answer them. In addition, you will be able to collect new knowledge by searching various things in this app.

Google Lens

This is another great creation of Google. we usually use letters and words to search the internet. after typing them in the Google search engine, it shows us the list of information related to that word. the specialty of this app is the ability to search using live images instead of letters. 

here you can capture the image from your mobile phone camera through Google Lens and find related facts. through Google translator, you can view the meaning of the text in the image in your language. this will be a wonderful experience for you. It will also be very useful.

Mix App

StumbleUpon is a very popular Social bookmarking website that has been active for a few years now. this is my personal favorite website. this website had arranged hundreds of thousands of web pages related to various subjects. unfortunately this site is no longer active.

This website was shut down in 2018. Instead they suggested the Mix app. this is an app with thousands of very useful articles, videos and photos for you. Here you will get a different experience than a search made with a Google search engine.

List Of Essential Things Need For Men

Our lifestyles change from time to time. Accordingly, the way we behave, eat, drink, customs and even the things we use change. a commodity that was not necessary for us in the past can become a necessary thing nowadays. 

Well, In today's article I would like to discuss a list of must-have items for every man. I am not saying that you are perfect just because you have these things. but these will help you a lot to live according to today's lifestyles and modern customs. Now let's ask about them one by one.


You don't need to know what a laptop computer is. You already know very well about the tasks that can be done through a computer. At this time, it is very beneficial to have a computer that can be easily carried. An expensive high performance computer is not always necessary. What is more important is to use a laptop with adequate capacity to carry out your daily tasks easily.

Well  tailored  Full Suit

Nowadays, many people are used to buying and using a Full Suit on rental basis. Making a full suit yourself is quite expensive. But the  value of a full suit made to measure of you is not available in any other way. If you are tailor a full suit, create it without fancy designs and colors .then that can be used for as many different events as possible.  the color if dark blue or black is grate .

Wallet And Watch

Your wallet and watch aren't just things for storing money and watching time.  wallet and  watch are part of your outfit. using a watch that matches your outfit will make you feel complete. but you cannot wear the same watch with every outfit. So use a good nickel watch for special occasions and a good casual watch for other occasions. It will help to raise your personality.

 A Tool Box

 This is a must for a man. You need different tools to fix somethings in the house. That's why it is very important to have these. ,you don't need all kinds of tools. It is sufficient to include only basic tools such as a few screwdrivers of different sizes, a hacksaw, a hot glue gun, a soldering iron, etc.

Grooming Kit

It is mandatory for a man to maintain his appearance in an orderly manner. It directly affects a man's personality, so always be in order and take care of your health. Keep a Grooming Kit. Include your Shaver, Scissors, Bodyspray Hair, wax, etc. in this. Pack it in a small bag so that you can carry it on any occasion.


 Keep a backpack to use when you go out of the house. It can sometimes be difficult to carry the things you need by hand. A backpack will be important for you in such cases.


Use a small paper notebook. You can use this to write down important notes, planning and information. This will help you to minimize omissions and mistakes.

 A Camera

Smartphones are used in almost every corner these days. every smartphone has a camera. But it's a smartphone, not a camera. to get the real experience of taking a photo, you have to use a good camera. for this, something like an expensive mirrorless camera is not necessary. there are cheap cameras that can be bought from good brands in the market. for example, a camera like Nikon coolpx B600 can be mentioned.

Good Audio Video Kit

We all like to watch movies to enjoy music .nowadays we can download so many movies on the internet. so we can watch them at home. In order to enjoy a song better, we must have a good audio system. for a movie to be more interesting, both the audio and video aspects should be good. This is a must, especially for action movies which are mostly liked by men.

How To Send An Email To A WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most efficient and popular instant messaging apps available today. gradually becoming popular Telegram app is ahead of this in terms of technology. but still most popular one is the WhatsApp.  

This WhatsApp service is widely used not only for personal purposes but also for office purposes.

As we all know, companies and organizations often use email services to conduct their business. Email services have not prepared a specific way to share email messages to WhatsApp. 

In some cases, if we want to send an email message in a WhatsApp group, we have to copy and paste it. But it is a very troublesome thing. 

I am presenting in this article how to forward an email message to WhatsApp.

As we have mentioned above that there is no specific way to forward an email message to WhatsApp. we have to use another alternative method. 

Then we have to convert our email message into a PDF file and send it to the relevant parties through WhatsApp. 

The weakness of this method is that the links in the email message do not work in the PDF file. But the information and pictures in the relevant email message are recorded very clearly in the PDF file. For this we can follow the following steps.

First access the email address you want to WhatsApp. After that, click the Print button shown at the top right corner.


Then the Print Window will open. Select Save As PDF and click the Save button below to save the email message as a PDF file.

You can easily send the PDF file prepared in this way to the other party through WhatsApp.