Google's Impact On Small Businesses

Google is a huge business company. It is so close to us and it is difficult to imagine an internet without Google.

My personal opinion is that Google's impact on small businesses is very positive. Most of Google's services are free. Or for very little money.

So there are many benefits that a small business owner can get through Google. One of the main obstacles for a small businessman to develop his business is the problem of advertising.

However, in my opinion, the benefits they can get through the Google Ads service are few. That's because they need to invest a lot. So how can Google free services be used for small business development?

I have the problem that the vast majority of small business people are aware of these Google services. I would like to talk about some of the services that small business owners can get through Google

Among the services provided by Google for online visibility for small businessmen, Google my business service is in a leading position.

Creating and Selling Digital Products on Your Blog

Blogging has become very popular now. In the past, blogging was just a means of expressing ideas. 

but, now blogging has spread to internet marketing and mass media. 

Along with the development of marketing, blogging has contributed significantly to branding people and products. 

Of course, now blogging is not just about writing. a blog has become a business platform. This is a very important point. 

now you have the ability to market any digital product through blogs.Digital products are mostly software products. Not physical objects. 

Therefore, they are data that can be downloaded on the Internet, or services that can be provided.

Examples for these are PDF files, Graphic Designs, Softwares, Plugins and Templates. To create these you need to have relevant knowledge. 

For example, you cannot create Word Templates without knowing about MS Word. It is up to you to create the relevant skills for that. 

so,below i have given you some of the digital products you can create and sell on your blog.

Artificial Intelligence For Improve People's Mental Health

AI technology has been growing slowly for decades, but in the last year 2022, it took a strong leap. That is because of the development of Ai technology through Chat-GPT. 

Now all the people of the world can get the help of Ai technology in different ways. This technology is still in its infancy. We cannot even imagine the benefits we can get from it in the future. 

As far as we know, no one has been negatively affected by this technology yet. So we can be confident about it for now. 

There is something that reminded me when talking about Ai. That is whether we can get treatment for mental diseases through Ai. 

It's not really drug treatment, I mean something like counseling. People with many mental illnesses and personality problems do not seek treatment. Shame and ignorance also affect this. 

Especially this kind of situation can be taken care of in the eastern world. This will cause great social damage. As an answer to this, if a counseling system is implemented through AI, many people can benefit from it. 

It is not possible to say how successful this will be because currently it is difficult for Ai systems to understand human emotions. 

But it can do something like motivation very well. Then someone who has a mental problem can tell to an AI about their pain before going to a doctor. 

Through that, he can be directed to medical treatment. Even now, several counseling chatbots have been introduced. 

But we cannot guarantee their quality. Maybe in the future, what do you think when you remember that our sadness is heard by a machine without feelings?

Why Digital Minimalism Is Important

Minimalism is a lifestyle that has become popular in the last decade. Minimalist lifestyle is the way of living simply and happily with minimam needs. 

Have you ever thought that we have become so complicated with this technology? Digital Displays are everywhere around us. 

I call them Black Mirrors. See how many apps are there in your mobile phone. How many apps do you use in a day. How much time are you wasting in your life with it? In this era, all these devices make us go away from reality. 

That means giving us some relief from the oppressive society we live in. That's why we can't stay for long when we delete an app like Facebook. We will approach it again, but we can approach it in another way to relieve our pain. 

Things like reading books and engaging in creative writing can be taken as examples. It saves our time and gives us some relief. 

Not only that, but it directly affects our health in a positive way. So there are several methods that I can suggest to you for digital minimalims. I think you will be interested to try all of them in practice.

True Fact Behind Of Our Religious Devotion

We are living in an age where there will be various kinds of discussions about religions. In the past, people strongly believed in the concept of religion, but in this era, that belief has been challenged. 

The main reason for that is science. Today, science is extremely advanced. Science has advanced enough to make religious practices just a bunch of nonsense. But there is a problem. 

No matter how scientific, secular or rational we are as human beings, it is difficult for us to deviate from religious concepts and beliefs. What is the reason for that? I have a source where I can study this better. 

That is the book Civilization and its Discontents written by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. In this book, Freud writes very clearly what creates the religious devotion of people. That is the helplessness of man. 

According to his study, sorrow has become the absolute silence of human life. If this is explained further. Almost everything we do in our life leads to the phenomenon of sorrow or pain. So we unconsciously know that no matter what we do, it will end in sadness. 

We are always waiting to fall into this abyss of sadness. So we always need someone or something to save us. Or we believe in something that we think will help us. This void can only be filled with religion. 

Because of this, there comes a time when even a non-religious person believes that someone will help him. Maybe he is someone from outside this world. Or it can be someone who is not caught by our physical dimensions. Believing in someone who can save you from your helplessness starts with the helplessness of the human soul.