Truth About Trends Arise From Social Media

Discourse is another very important philosophical concept of Michel Foucault. In very simple and narrow terms, discourse is the opinion formed by the society on a certain matter.

For example, there is some ideology in the society about secularism. We can say that it is the discourse about secularism. That ideology has some effect on the religious discourse. Indeed, a society is a collection of such discourses.

It is not easy to create a discourse about something in a society like this. It is also not easy to challenge an existing discourse. Both of these tasks require a lot of social power and time. 

Many people who are interested in politics think that new discourses can be created through social media. But that is just a complete myth. Discourses and trends are twofold. But trends can become discourses over time

Best Money Saving Guide For 2024

How to save money with your brain might be a kind of funny words. actually, you need to use your brain to save money. so, you will learn it at the end of this article.

Cash is the payment instrument that has the highest liquidity . Now everything has a price, so we should get used to managing the money we earn better. 

Saving money is  important as making money. So how do we save money?. This is the big question. 

Saving money in this busy and competitive lifestyle is quite challenging, but we can do it. Throughout this short article we will discuss about how to save money.

Record Your Spending 

We spend on various things every day. among them, there may be essential things like food and clothing as well as non-essential things. 

however, first you start tracking your expenses. keep a note of every single thing you do on a daily basis in a small notebook. 

In this way, by studying the notes of one month, you can find out the gross monthly expenses for your basic needs. 

you can also find out what non-essential expenses you are incurring. It is easy to plan your savings.

Why Michel Foucault ?

This is my personal blog. I write criticisms, reviews and suggestions related to modern technology. 

Many blogs only teach us how to use technology. But the purpose of my blog is to explore how our lives are changing through technology. 

For that, the opinions of the social theorist Michel Foucault was very important to me. He is my favorite philosopher. 

It is because his philosophy can be easily understood. And that knowledge helped me a lot to understand our modern life.

He is a wonderful philosopher born to the world through the French intellectual heritage. He spread the concepts of power, which is a fundamental idea in politics, to all aspects of society. 

(Power Is Everywhere). He explored the society through many concepts such as discourse, panopticism, knowledge/power, Biopower, Gaze, etc. It is my effort to try to show you an unseen world using that knowledge.

How Social Media Changed The Way We Consume News

A few decades ago, we had access to news through only a few mediums. Television, radio, newspapers and internet news websites are the main among them. 

But a radical change in our social life came with the emergence of social media.

Now people have a tendency to connect online instead of meeting each other in real time. Due to this, the tendency of people to deal with social media has grown very widely.

It is a special situation to be able to deal with people on social media in the same way as you can deal with people in real life.

Another change that happened in our life with the popularization of social media is a radical change in the way we get news. It has both good and bad tendencies, but the point is that it has more positive features.

I Started To Use As My Social Media Manager

First of all, this is not a sales ad. (I don't like commercials). But when I come across something important, I think it is my responsibility as a blogger to tell you.

I have been thinking about a way to manage my Twitter (X), Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. I am quite a busy person so I don't have time to surf social media constantly.

But in this era, if we build a brand, it cannot be without the support of social media. So I looked for a way to manage these.

That's how I found is a social media management web service that saves you time and effort. We don't need to buy their full package to benefit from it. So it made my work more convenient.

How To Find New Bloggers And Their Blogs

If we want to find something on the internet, we search it through google or any ther search engine. Then the search engines will show us a list of websites or blogs with the most relevant contents.

In this way, the web content with the best SEO is shown on the first pages of the search engines. But you already know that unranked blog sites also have very important content. But the problem is that  it's difficult to find those blogs.

In order to build a good network for our blog, we must have a good relationship with other bloggers. But at the top of your search lists you will find blogs with very high SEO power.

New bloggers hard to build direct relationships with these big blog owners. so you have to find another way to join with them.

As a blogger, building a new connection with other bloggers gives you several advantages. You can read what they are in this article.

In this short article I will try to teach you some ways to find other bloggers and their blogs that you can connect with.

Turning Back At My History Of Internet

This is my 34th blog post. It's been years since I started blogging. But I could not succeed in blogging.

There are many reasons for that. Over the past few years I have had a number of experiences surfing the internet. I have seen the rapid growth of the Internet in the last decade. I also saw how our society changes accordingly.

One of the main purposes of my articles is to present you with how technology has changed our social life. Of course, I learned a lot on my own because of the internet.

Also, I thought many times that I should give something for others. So during this time I tried different things.

I failed most of them, but I gained a lot of experience. So I thought I would protest about my circumstances in the internet world during that time.

  • I created my first blog in 2009 on Google Blogspot
  • I purchased my first domain name on 2011
  • I made my first online earning on 2012
  • Made RSS blog aggregator with yahoo pipe 2014
  • I studied fulltime about SEO
  • Built my own website with on 2020

Interpassivity Of Our Modern Internet Culture

What do you think about the plethora of digital content in front of us today? . In the last decade, with the development of the Internet, there was a great impact on our social life. 

Actually, this is not a revolution that happened only in the Internet or in the technological society.

A certain apathy has infected every facet of society. But since my explanation is about the Internet and the technological society, I intend to explain it to you. Interpassivity is one way of living our life in this modern capitalism.

This concept was first presented by the Austrian philosopher named Robert Pfaller. He called this concept Interpassivity - "Aesthetics of delegated enjoyment".

Thus, Interpassivity means that people do not participate in social activities and pass it on to other people to have fun through it. 

In other words, Interpassivity is how we can have fun without being active. It is true that technology has greatly affected the functioning of this dysfunctional society.

Best Social Bookmark Websites To Submit Your Contents

Social Bookmark is a platform used to record an article or any other content on a website under certain criteria. 

If you visit a social bookmark site, you will find thousands of different web articles categorized under different categories. So there are several advantages to using this social bookmark and they can be listed below.

What are the benefits of using Social Bookmark?

  • Most of the time these services are completely free.
  • Contains a large number of important articles related to a specific topic.
  • Activating the notes as a backlink to the relevant website. (This is a very valuable thing for a website owner).
  • Be able to properly manage links in important articles you read.
  • Being very important for website traffic.

So let's go to the most important part of this article .It's the most effective social bookmark sites this year. Below are 6 such websites and more details about them.

Anxiety Of Modern World And Overload Of Information

What do you think about this endless amount of information that we receive every day? In the 80s, we had a few main ways to get information.

Among them, the telephone, radio, television, VCR, and newspapers were the main ones. By the 90s, this started to get complicated. Today we receive more information than we can imagine. It is mainly through the Internet.

In that, we get information from thousands of services like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube. 

Even the huge digital billboards around the highways that we travel on give us information. In fact, a huge amount of this information is information that we don't need. My opinion is that they bring them closer to us by force.

Modern man is thus armed with information. Therefore, he thinks that they are more advanced than the humans of a few decades ago. But the truth is that our lives are easier than ever. But our passion is dying fast.

How To Fetch Latest Search Results Through Google Alerts

Google Alert is a service launched by Google in 2003. actually this is a notification service. In use, you may find it quite similar to Google Reader. But this is something completely different.

What Google Reader does is bring you a summary of the latest articles on the websites you feed it. For that, you need to feed the links of the websites to the Google reader program. 

But what happens through the Google alerts service is that fetch you newest search results signals through email

Some people say that this is a useless Google service. the reason for saying so is because they do not know how to use the service effectively.

If you are a blogger or a journalist, you will find how useful the Google Alert service is.

In this article we discuss about how to use Google Alerts. we will discuss the practical importance here in a future article.

Google Tools For Bloggers And Journalists

A blogger or a journalist is someone who is always ready to give something to their society. 

With the development of internet technology, the field of journalism has become very broad, so now even the general public can engage in journalism. 

Thanks to the advancement of blog technology and social media, journalism and blogging popularized quickly. 

Journalism is no longer just about reporting  news or disclosing factual information to the public. As of now, it has come a long way to Mobile-Journalism and Data-Journalism. 

As a new trend, blogs are widely used as a platform for investigative journalism and opinion journalism. As a result of this, the positive impact landed on the society is huge. 

So, whatever kind of journalist or blogger you are, it is important to be active in your field. When you write articles as a journalist or blogger, you can have a more successful approach to it. 

So, in this short article, you can get know about some free Google tools that you can use to make your journalism and blogging more successful.

My Tips To Avoid From Social Media Addiction

I don't need to introduce you to what is called social media. with the rapid development of web technology, social media became very close to human lives. 

now it has become a part of our lives and influenced so much us . however, according to my personal opinion, being a slave to social media is not healthy in psychically and mentally . because it takes our lives beyond reality.

Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram are the mostly using social media among people. think carefully. 

how much time do you spend on social medias a day? can we recover that time? No. many people know very well that this is a kind of addiction. but only few people can get out from this mania 

In today's article, i am going to discuss about how to gradually withdraw from social media addiction. the steps are given below.