How I Make My Day Plan

Personally, I do not like to be busy all the time. I work quite a bit 5 days a week. So a holiday is a very special day for me. I also especially like to sleep, watch movies or have fun .

I do not see anything wrong with that .But time is never something to be wasted. Because the time that has passed in our lives will never come back to us.

I'm pretty much aware of this after looking back on the life I lived during the covid epidemic. We were confined to our homes for weeks .I did not know what to do with it.

According to my mobile phone app, I used to spend more than 8 hours on social media like facebook and Youtube on some days.

I had some guilt about my time spending. It was then that I started planning my holidays. In this short article I will tell you about how I planned to spend my vacation time productively. This will definitely be very important for you too.

This is a very simple method. First I bought a small notebook. 

Then at the beginning of the day I start writing the list of tasks that need to be done and completed within the relevant day. They are then sorted by priority. 

After the relevant work is done, it is noted that it has been completed. 

Your success during the day is to finish the to-do list somehow. See the list below for an example Here is my holiday plan for 2022/03/06.

Day Work list _ On 06/03/2022

  • Work Out (30min)
  • Article Translation
  • Watch Peaky blinders (Ep 04/05)
  • Read Book (My French Whore) Chap -04/05/06
  • Clean The Room (30min)
  • Political Reading (Zizek Article)
  • Clean And Wash The Car (45min)
  • Write Blog post

I set a time target for some of the tasks here .Then I will be able to complete the task within a specific time frame. For example, setting aside 30 minutes to exercise will help you minimize unnecessary time spending .

The biggest benefit I get from this is self-satisfaction. The satisfaction that comes from choosing that your day was not wasted in vain is boundless .

If you do not finish a task for any unavoidable reason, do not regret it .Start from the beginning of the next day stating that it is a procrastination. 

This method will help you to spend a holiday useful. You can use this method not only for holydays or weekends but your working days.