29 July 2022

How To Start Your Own Stationery Business

Selling stationery is a business you can start with a little amount of money. stationery items need for both education and office purposes .involving in a stationery business, you can obtain only a little margin from selling and each item. but upon your talents and dedication, you can reach for considerable profit at the end of the month.

in this blog, I post many articles regarding how to maintain a small business successfully. I guarantee you will reach a good milestone from reading those instructions and guidelines. so, in this article let’s see that how to plan to start a stationery business gradually.

Learn About Stationery

The first thing you should do is studying about stationery. if you don’t have good awareness and knowledge about the products you sell, it means you don’t have a good vision of your business. then at first, try to learn everything about stationery.

there are hundreds of various stationery items from pencils to printing machines. Then at first learn about their names and purposes. You will indeed be able to learn about them in course of time by experience. but you should always think about a perfect start.

we can divide the stationery business into two parts. one as stationary for education and other as stationery for office purposes .according to category one. we can include the items which want to education purposes from nursery to university education. 

In the second category, we can include all the items witch want in official usage from A4 paper to the Laser printer. But, most of the offices are consume their stationery item with supply from large scale suppliers .therefor, as a small businessman your target should be the education crowd .then make a list of items that suitable for sale in your home business.

Plan The Business Budget

The second thing is that you should direct your attention regarding making the budget/capital dividing, at first meet a whole seller and note the wholesale price of every item you have chosen to sell in the business .then after deciding the quantities you should bay for sell in the shop. 

There is an important fact. capital (Cash) on your hand is not the amount of money that is available for purchase stocks for sale, several ways flow your cash capital when starting a new business.

Make A Plan To Manage Your Stocks

As a stationery seller, you have to sell many items in a large range even you are a small businessman. you should be a good manager in every field. for example, you should be a good financial /Employee/Stocks/ And premises manager. this small experience will give you good assistance when the development of your business. 

stock management is an important point .it is essential to drive your business without wasting goods or any shortage .you can use your own methodology to do this .it’s very successful that you are able to use a computer application like Microsoft XL .but it's OK with a general notebook also.

Choose A Whole Seller

As a small businessman, you belong to the category of retail seller .that means you become the seller who sells stationery items to the final consumer. then you have to purchase stocks from a whole seller .most of the time they might be travel sellers. it's a good sign that keeps a close relationship with your supplier.

Management Procedures

All after the above things you are required to prepare management procedures of your business .this can be considered as the very important aspect of the business. we can separate them into a few main parts as below

  • Financial Management
  • Employee Management
  • Stock Management
  • Premises and customer care management

You do not require academic knowledge to manage finance .writing daily cash movements in an organized format is enough. but all the data should be clear and correct. at the end of the month, you should have the ability to calculate the month-end financial statement of the business. 

decision making is also important. if there are employees, you have to become an employee-related officer. you should be the responsible person for their salaries, leaves and employee development.

In a previous section, we widely discussed the importance of stock management. everybody knows that when we run a business we have to allocate some amount from profit as expenditures. there are bills like water, electricity, taxes, etc. renovations are also there. then it's up to you that make proper ways to create management procedures in your business.


I frequently say that this is not a traditional blog which gives instructions to the small businessman. this is a guide to anyone who wishes to be a successful businessman .there is much guidance in this blog that you can read for that. if there are any questions regarding this article, you can send me a direct mail to me. don’t forget to share this article if you like on social media.