06 March 2023

How To Fetch Latest Search Results Through Google Alerts

Google Alert is a service launched by Google in 2003. Actually this is a notification service. In use, you may find it quite similar to Google Reader. But this is something completely different.

What Google Reader does is bring you a summary of the latest articles on the websites you feed it. For that, you need to feed the links of the websites to the Google reader program. But what happens through the Google alerts service is that fetch you newest search results signals through email

Some people say that this is a useless Google service. The reason for saying so is because they do not know how to use the service effectively. If you are a blogger or a journalist, you will find how useful the Google Alert service is.

In this article we discuss about how to use Google Alerts. We will discuss the practical importance here in a future article.

First, access the Google Alerts program via https://www.google.com/alerts.
After that, enter the Google Alert program through your Gmail address.

After that you will see a window like below. you can enter a search term of your choice. For example, here I have given the keyword "New Blogging Tips" (01).

then the current search results related to it will be displayed below it (02). after clicking the Create Alert button, the latest search results related to the keyword will be automatically sent to your email address.

there are a number of other settings here. according to that, we can give you how often we should receive the latest updates that the Google Alert service brings us. also we can decide at what time of the day we should receive it.

we can even choose here which type of data the search results should be in which language and region.to change the related settings, you can get it by mentioning the keyword and clicking the Show Option menu next to it