06 March 2023

How To Send An Email To A WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is one of the most efficient and popular instant messaging apps available today. gradually becoming popular Telegram app is ahead of this in terms of technology. but still most popular one is the WhatsApp.  

This WhatsApp service is widely used not only for personal purposes but also for office purposes.

As we all know, companies and organizations often use email services to conduct their business. Email services have not prepared a specific way to share email messages to WhatsApp. 

In some cases, if we want to send an email message in a WhatsApp group, we have to copy and paste it. But it is a very troublesome thing. 

I am presenting in this article how to forward an email message to WhatsApp.

As we have mentioned above that there is no specific way to forward an email message to WhatsApp. we have to use another alternative method. 

Then we have to convert our email message into a PDF file and send it to the relevant parties through WhatsApp. 

The weakness of this method is that the links in the email message do not work in the PDF file. But the information and pictures in the relevant email message are recorded very clearly in the PDF file. For this we can follow the following steps.

First access the email address you want to WhatsApp. After that, click the Print button shown at the top right corner.


Then the Print Window will open. Select Save As PDF and click the Save button below to save the email message as a PDF file.

You can easily send the PDF file prepared in this way to the other party through WhatsApp.